By The Avital Dvory Visual Theatre Group


A Theatrical experience integrating live acting, circus, puppetry, clowning and music.         

Hospitalized in a foreign land, a young woman is confined to her bed.   She is very ill and hangs between life and death, but in her spirit a world of imaginary figures is born, that is turbulent, poetic, and often funny. Her inner strength and imagination save her.

Based on a true story, Tranquila addresses several issues: The will to live facing the risk of death; the relationship between fantasy and reality when a person is faced with a life-threatening situation; the unlimited possibilities granted by our imagination and spirit contrary to our physical limitations.

With the help of humor, fantasy and various visual techniques the Tranquila story is laid before the audience on two parallel levels: in reality, the objective situation, the young woman is very sick. She even reaches a state of clinical death-but she uses the power of her subjective reality, her inner world, and triumphs.

 With the assistance of her fantasy and imagination she embarks on a journey rich with visual metaphors. She meets a knight (who is actually a clown), she dances with Death (a marionette), her body turns into a tree, and her limbs become leaves and birds (visual theater). At the end she survives and even conducts a lovely dialogue with the moon (an acrobat. Circus art).

Tranquila is thus a hymn to the ability of everyone to overcome life's obstacles by inner strength and energy, by using one's imagination, by keeping faith in oneself and especially by humor and basic optimism.

Language: A blend of English, Spanish and Hebrew (very few words. No knowledge is required)

Audience: Adults and Young adults (high school)

 Duration: 60 minutes

Conceived and directed by: Avital Dvory

Space design: Elit Veber

Music: Eldad Lidor, Hilit Rosental    

Costumes: Nily Tirkal

Lighting: Asi Gottesman

Puppets: Orit Leibovitch- Novich

Performers: David Bilenca\ Nimrod Eisenberg, Yaron Goshen, Yolana Zimmerman, Ronny Kalev, Boaz Shaul.(all the performers trained actors who are also practicing medical clowns and who have mastered also puppetry and circus art.)


From The Press

"A successful attempt to touch reality using fantasy. Tranquila is a production which combines clowning, acrobatics, and a highly imaginative use of visual theatre. All these elements come together to tell a story about a young Israeli woman who is hospitalized in Ecuador shifting between life and death.                                                                                                             The director, Avital Dvory and the set designer, Elit Veber, created a uniquely poetic language that combines the comical with the grotesque and the dream with the illusion Along with a talented group of actors that mastered circus abilities as well as acting abilities. They produced an enchanting play that is surprising and amusing and yet touches painful emotions."                           (Yediot- Haronot, Shi Bar-Yaacov, 19.10.07)



"Most Promising Director" award at the Acco Theatre Festival 2007 for the creation of Tranquila: "Avital created a versatile play that successfully combines acrobatics, puppetry, clowning, magic tricks and set design along with a virtuosic cast. The play is poetic, funny and aesthetic and it successfully crosses the boundaries of the "forth wall" convention and touches the audience". (from the judge's award giving speech)


"Unique visual and stage language" award at the Fring Competition 2008

Tranquila Show Trailer:



Tranquila Photo Gallery:


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