By The Avital Dvory Visual Theatre Group


A new mother is alone at home with her baby battling with the never ending house chores: cleaning, washing, and ironing –all the time also taking care of the baby. She is alone. She is tired. The baby cries almost incessantly. She is desperate. A terrible process is at work. The solution to her situation is frightening and thought provoking

Written and performed by actress-puppeteer Avital Dvory "The Good Enough Mother" is a story of Motherhood, presenting aspects in the process of becoming a mother very seldom discussed-the tiredness, the desperation, the pressures and the loneliness.
The audience laughs-but cries as well. It is faced with a situation when Motherhood borders on madness. How easy it is to lose all control....


The use of the simplest visual aids is given with virtuosity in the performing art-implying the virtuosity demanded of a new mother who needs to combine handling a new baby with all the other necessities life poses.


The baby is the puppet and it is worked with one hand-enslaving this hand totally. The question rises-where does the baby end and the mother begin? Like a puppeteer and his puppet-the baby and the mother are one. They depend on each other, they make each other work, and they can drive each other to extreme actions.


Through the means of theatrical avant-garde, the performance creates an effect of communication with the subconscious .By highlighting the endless repetitious nature of the mother's actions and the use of various mundane objects-toys, iron, ironing board –the performance creates visuals and metaphors both alive and mute. The mother is living in a horror film. She has some very dark fantasies. Light and shadows are used to create further horror and dark fantasies. The situation deteriorates. The final act is frightening. Yet-do we sympathize with the mother? What can be a remedy for this kind of situation?


Director-creator-performer: Avital Dvory



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