By The Avital Dvory Visual Theatre Group

The Winner of two  awards at  the international theatre festival Valise , Lomze 2013


A theatre of motion, puppets and three puppeteers .
As in past years, Flora visits her husband's grave. She walks slowly, holding her basket full of home-made goods.
She lights a candle, clears the evil spirits and refreshes the flowers.
While changing the flowers she remembers the old days, their wedding day: dancing, wine glasses, but her memory soon becomes bitter and hard and she remembers how her husband forced her to give up her love to dancing and never let her dance again.
when Flora's memory disappears , she is back in her dance , this time, on her husbant grave.
' Flora's dance ' is a story about liberation and finding life again

Puppeteers and collaborators :
Orit Leibovitch - Novich , Ifat Vayner , Moria Ben Avot
Puppet design :
Orit Lebovitch - Novitch
Music : Boris Martzinovsky
Space and costumes design : Yaara Zadok
Light : Asi Gotesman
Artistic advisor : Ilan Savir
Stage manager : Smadi Harpak


Floras Dance Show Trailer:



Floras Dance Photo Gallery:

  •  Floaras Dance 1 Floaras Dance 1
  •  Floaras Dance 2 Floaras Dance 2
  •  Floaras Dance 3 Floaras Dance 3
  •  Floaras Dance 4 Floaras Dance 4
  •  Floaras Dance 5 Floaras Dance 5
  •  Floaras Dance 6 Floaras Dance 6
  •  Floaras Dance 7 Floaras Dance 7
  •  Floaras Dance 8 Floaras Dance 8



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