"Not always we can change reality, but we can change our point of view of it".

(professor Sancho the la sponga)

M.A. Avital Dvory: Avital has been Medical Clown for the last 14 years.  She is working in 'Haemek' and 'Meir' hospitals in Israel  as part of the Dream Doctor project. The Dream Doctors  are professional clowns and stage artists, who trained in patient's therapy during hospital admissions or ambulatory treatment. 

This project integrates professional medical clowns into the medical services and medical proceeders.  Avital Dvory specialized in few medical proceeders such as escorting to operations all the way to anastation, escorting to blood treatment in hematology such as plasma and tlasemia. Escorting in Isotop examination instead of using Sedation. She is also working in Oncology , chronic illness, palliative patients , neonatal and high risk. 

Several studies already proved how the presence of medical clowns as part of the treatment team significantly reduces the level of anxiety among children.

Avital Dvory is one of the senior clowns of Dream Doctors project and a part of the training team. With many years of practical experience, Avital has developed unique methods of working with toys and dolls in hospitals and has led numerous international demonstrations, lectures and workshops both in puppetry and in medicin and medical clowning.

Avital is also a theater director, puppeteer and stage artist. She studied in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Barcelona and has a Master of Arts degree from The Central School of Speech and Drama in London, specializing in puppetry and physical theater.

Since 2001, Avital has been working in Israel creating and directing various multidisciplinary performances. She has received numerous awards and has been invited to various international art festivals worldwide. 

Medical Clown  in operation room, Israel

 Medical clown instead of Sedation in Isotope test, “Haemek” hospital, Israel

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